Back in Time for the Factory, BBC2, 8pm

THE final instalment of the time-travelling experiment examining how an unsung army of women took on the fight for equality switches focus to the real-life experiences of the original factory girls. They recall their life in the south Wales valleys where female workers were inadequately paid, unfairly treated and denied what we now view as basic rights. It wasn’t all doom and gloom, however, as the women also reminisce about the camaraderie on the production line. To conclude the show, presenter Alex Jones reveals how the factory was lovingly brought back to life.

The Placebo Experiment: Can My Brain Cure My Body? BBC2, 9pm

CAN fake pills treat common medical complaints? Dr Michael Mosley wants to find out, so he launches a trial to investigate the placebo effect. He gathers 117 people in Blackpool suffering from backache to treat them with nothing but fake pills. With the help of University of Oxford experts, Michael discovers the brain is capable of producing its own drugs which can be more powerful than prescription painkillers, but will it work for the participants?

No Offence, Channel 4, 9pm

THE police have just missed out on collaring Beckett, but they have gained a potentially priceless opportunity. With Bonnie and Dennis in the station, Viv and the team have just 48 hours to get Dennis to betray his best friend and turn informant. But Dennis is refusing to budge, prompting Vic to tunnel down to his deepest insecurities. Crime drama starring Joanna Scanlan, with Elaine Cassidy, Will Mellor, Neil Maskell and Tamara Lawrance.

Press, BBC1, 9pm

ED is riding high after another front page story, only for his success to be marred by a new colleague who attempts to discredit him. Duncan buries himself in work and tasks the new arrival with getting the scoop on the government’s secret Resonance programme. Newsroom drama, starring Charlotte Riley, Ben Chaplin, Paapa Essiedu and Amina Chaudury.