MY family are tired of the lies and false hope we have been given in over three years since my brother’s death. 

I have never said Sheku was a saint but he was my brother, a father and loving partner who never deserved to die.

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All I have seen is the protection of nine officers in whose hands Sheku died. In his death Sheku has been criminalised and smeared, whilst we were told to keep silent. 

So-called police sources have leaked to their hearts content, but now we have the Lord Advocate’s office, who we once believed in, also leaking.
Wolffe should be deeply ashamed of the total disrespect for our family, but what should worry him even more is that he has destroyed our confidence in justice. 

He spoke to our lawyer but why did he not offer a public apology for the leak in Parliament rather than leaving it to Nicola Sturgeon to respond?

We are heartbroken but we will wait to see what he has to say on Wednesday, but let me give him and those officers a warning – we will never give up fighting for the truth.