JEREMY Corbyn has met the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator in Brussels for what he described as an “interesting, useful discussion”.

The Labour leader was joined by Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer for the talks, which came after Corbyn told his party conference he would back Theresa May if she proposed a “sensible” deal that kept the UK in a customs union with the EU.

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Speaking after the meeting, Corbyn said: “We’ve had an interesting, useful discussion with Mr Barnier. We have set out the views of the Labour Party surrounding Brexit following the conference speeches made by Keir Starmer and myself. We are obviously not negotiating. We are not in Government, we are the opposition.

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“But he was interested to know what our views are and the six tests we have laid down by which we will hold our government in future.”

Corbyn said his position was “essentially about the protection of jobs and trade arrangements in the future and of course surrounding the border in Ireland and the rights of European Union nationals who live in the UK and are very welcome in the UK. We are utterly determined to protect their position and the rights of families.”

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When asked if Barnier said the Labour vision of Brexit was acceptable to him, Corbyn replied: “He made no opinion on this. It’s not a negotiation, it’s us informing him of what our views are and he telling us what the state of play was on the negotiations.”

The Labour leader did not say who had called the meeting but said both he and Sir Keir had met Barnier on a number of occasions and have an “informal arrangement” to try to meet whenever they are in Brussels at the same time. Asked if Barnier gave any indication Labour’s plan would be easier to implement than Chequers, Corbyn said: “He didn’t offer and we didn’t ask him for opinions on that because that would be going over the line. What we did was set out our views and then he set out in broad terms what the progress is and what the timetable is.”

After the meeting Barnier tweeted: “Meeting w/@jeremycorbyn and his team today. Continuing to listen to all views on #Brexit and to explain EU positions, which aim for the UK’s orderly withdrawal and to build an ambitious future partnership together.”

Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the UK will “not keep coming back” to the EU with more proposals. He said the PM had already put forward “sensible proposals” and said the time was now for engagement from the EU. “We cannot have a situation in the negotiation between a sovereign power like Britain ... and the EU where every time we come up with a proposal, instead of engaging ... they simply say, ‘I’m sorry that doesn’t work come back with something else’.”