A SECOND tranche of leaked emails from Spanish judges have emerged in which they denigrated the independence movement, compared their actions to sex crimes and insulted some of its leading figures.

In the first batch, published online on Thursday by ElDiario.es and ElMon.cat, one judge likened the indy campaign to the Nazis.

The latest leaks see the judges attack the German court decision to dismiss the extradition Carles Puigdemont, the former Catalan president exiled in Belgium, with one comparing his situation with that of a rapist.

All were shared on a forum of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), the body that oversees Spain’s justice system.

Some even criticise the German judiciary for treating Spain like a “banana republic”.

Others propose taking revenge by exposing Germany’s human rights record, “bearing in mind its history” – an overt reference to its Nazi past.

Most describe the German court ruling to dismiss Puigdemont’s extradition on a charge of rebellion as a mistake, and one criticises Germany for not considering the “violence” of the independence bid, which they say, “justifies the charge of high treason”, the closest German equivalent to rebellion.

One judge working in Catalonia, identified only as AV, said: “It would be interesting to know what the Germans would say if it were the other way around, that is to say that a Spanish court had agreed the same thing as the German territorial hearing in a similar affair.”

Some compare the decision with a sex crime.

“Despite the decision of the Schleswig-Holstein court, Carles Puigdemont is a slut as well,” wrote one.

Another, identified as FM, in Castile, said: “In the case of Puigdemont, the highest court of Schleswig-Holstein argues that, despite being an instigator of the illegal referendum on October 1 and responsible for the acts of violence of the process, these have not been enough to endorse the constitutional order.

“The problem is simply that the crime is typified differently in Germany than in Spain, so that the double typing does not correspond. It is the same as if, for example …”

The author then goes into explicit detail, before adding: “In Spain, this is a violation, but there are countries where there is no crime of rape.

“But that does not mean that the ‘Sexual abuser is not a bitch, even though he could not be extradited, or that he has broken the system [law].”

Isabel Celaá, spokesperson for the Spanish government, said on Frday: “They are private chats. It is a private affair that should not be considered public.”

She added that the leaked content “does not erode the principles of judicial independence and separation of powers”.

Meanwhile, the Spanish foreign minister has said that settling the bitter dispute between Catalonia and Spain could take up to 20 years.

Josep Borrell was speaking in New York when he said Spain’s international image had suffered during the October referendum.

“One cannot fight images of someone who wants to vote and who is arrested by police,” he said.

He has been tasked with countering Spain’s negative image and said that while the pro-independence camp had been very active in the international arena, helped by television, the opposition had remained silent.

Catalan president Quim Torra has spoken of Catalonia as “a single town”, but Borrell – himself Catalan but fiercely anti-independence – asked: “Am I part of the ‘sol poble’ that Torra speaks of … am I accepted? Or [does] he only talk about those who are independentists? The division must be finished.

“It will take a long time. If we succeed, we could need 20 years.”