IS it not lamentable that certain Scottish councils are still investing significantly in fracking? Glasgow City Council, for example, is rated as the Scottish council with the largest investment of pension funds in fracking – £388 million. Dumfries and Galloway Council is rated as one of those with the highest percentage of their pension funds invested in fracking – 6-7%. This in a region without exploitable shale where the immediate downside of high-volume hydraulic fracturing will thus remain hidden.

Is the ethical dimension to investment now disappearing in Scottish councils? Has the country not declared itself opposed to the baneful consequences of investing in shale? Why this kowtowing to the Westminster agenda? Why this wilful acquiescence in the aims of an industry determined to press on although fully aware of the global warming and climate change implications of its frenzied rush for profit? Is there really so little concern for humanity, for the planet left in Scotland? I cannot believe that councils have their voters’ support for this investment.

David Cragg-James
St John’s Town of Dalry

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