AROUND half of Scotland's population support independence. It's an entirely mainstream position, based on values including equality, welcoming diversity and opposing austerity.

The National and Sunday National are the only newspapers in Scotland in support of a Yes vote.

And now, we've been told that a number of retailers – even some in which the Sunday National sold out in its first two weeks – have called in to cancel their orders.

Sunday National editor Richard Walker was shocked: "To be honest when we first heard suggestions that some newsagents were refusing to stock the Sunday National we found them difficult to believe.

"Now, though, we've had these reports confirmed. Some of the newsagents concerned had actually sold out of the first two editions of the Sunday National.

"It's hard to understand why these shopkeepers are so opposed to the idea of Scottish independence that they refuse to stock the only Scottish newspaper to support that principle despite clear demand for it from customers.

"These shopkeepers, of course, stock those newspapers that oppose independence and others who embrace right-wing policies and politicians. Only support for independence, it seems, is so abhorrent to them that they refuse to have any publication supporting it on their shelves.

"It's insane ... but it's dangerous too. At this early stage in its life the Sunday National needs every sale it can get. If sales drop our future is threatened. That's not a scare story – it's a simple economic fact.

"We would appeal to our readers to ask any shop that refuses to stock the National or the Sunday National to reverse that policy. If they refuse to do so please don't give up trying to read your favourite newspaper. Please try to buy it elsewhere.

"Only one newspaper of all those which crowd the shelves every morning supports independence. It seems that even one newspaper is too much to bear for those who would prefer to shut down debate and discussion on the future of our country. Please don't let them succeed."

As Scotland's lone pro-independence voice in the printed press, we face challenges that no other newspaper does.

There are customers and retailers out there who actively try to prevent us being a success, simply because we support independence. We can only survive with the support of our excellent readers.

We're proud to be a foothold in the newspaper market for the Yes movement – but we need your help and support to keep us there.