The National:

RUTH Davidson, looking on cloud nine after the SNP’s Holyrood defeat on P1 standardised assessments, was brought crashing back down to earth by Nicola Sturgeon at First Minister's Questions.

The First Minister, who reminded the Tories of their convenient change of heart on education policy, branded Davidson a “shameless opportunist”.

The Tory leader initially sought to put Sturgeon on the back foot, pressing her on controversial standardised assessments for P1 pupils and a lack of subject choice in secondary schools. Backed by likeminded Scottish Labour, Davidson demanded a "complete overhaul" of the Curriculum for Excellence.

The seemingly steady ground on which Davidson made her case, however, soon crumbled beneath her feet.

Sturgeon pointed out that the Tories had included primary one assessments in their manifesto, and concluded that the Conservatives had denied themselves “a shred of credibility on education”.

Referring to the Tory’s “breathtaking U-turn”, Sturgeon said: “Ruth Davidson on issues of education is a shameless opportunist. I will leave her to the political opportunism and I, the deputy first minister and this entire Government will get on with delivering for the interests of pupils right across this country… I believe the people of Scotland will notice the difference.”

You can watch the First Minister's response below.