YES groups and activists from across Scotland have welcomed the announcement that a new campaign body is to be launched.

Media officer for the Aberdeen Independence Movement (AIM) Jessica Mennie said: “This is a hugely exciting time for Scottish politics and in our journey to becoming an independent nation. Our movement is passionate and energised towards winning the next independence referendum, and we are now seeing that passion and energy manifest into organised groups."

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Carole Inglis, organiser of Yes Skye & Lochalsh said: “Independence has not gone away – the need has increased, and the desire to run our own affairs has only grown stronger.

"Locally, we have been building a network across the island and in Lochalsh. We believe that now is the time, and SIC offers the campaign support that we have been waiting and hoping for. We are ready and raring to go!”

Jane Logue from Yes Glasgow Southside said: “As things get worse with the UK, I have the song We’ve Got To Get Out Of This Place going round in my head. I’m looking forward to campaigning for a place where the poorest and most vulnerable aren’t demonised, where people from all backgrounds are respected and where people come before profit. I have a lot of hope the SIC’s plan will help us get there.”

A spokesperson from Yes Edinburgh North and Leith said: “Yes Edinburgh North and Leith are excited at the prospect of an organisation that can galvanise and support us both locally and nationally. Scotland-in-Union have had a free hand for too long, and with our own organisation we can start on a national scale, the one thing the unionist fear most- Independence supporter’s campaigning.

"We are in, and in the words of the Proclaimers (nearly) ‘we’re on our way…'."