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Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs
“IT’S slightly surreal to be in the building now that it’s opened as I’ve been on this journey of design and conception right from the start – I broke the ground with Kengo Kuma in March 2015. To see it populated now and these amazing exhibitions open to the public feels fantastic, it’s wonderful. And even although it’s a large space it feels very light and connected somehow because of the panelling.

“I love the view out over the restaurant across the atrium out to the water, it feels as if you are sitting on the Tay.

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“It’s hard to choose a favourite exhibition – the Ocean Liners Speed and Style exhibition is beautiful and opulent. There’s a lovely Dovecot Studios tapestry in 3D, a woman standing by curtains, and her dress moves and the curtains move which has a great impact. And Speedos! I didn’t know the inventor of Speedos was from Scotland.

“There’s also an elaborate Jacobite garter, embroidered with ‘Our Prince is Brave, Our Cause is Just’, it’s very elaborate and no-one would see it but you would wear it under your kilt.

“The story of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh (CRM) Oak Room which has been restored is at the heart of the Scottish Design Gallery and he was heavily influenced by Japanese design. Kengo Kuma visited Scotland when he was a young man, and now the CRM room is in the middle of the Kengo Kuma design – it’s a lovely connection of these influences.

“Who knows what young architects or designers would be influenced by what they see here?”

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Edith Bowman, presenter of BBC coverage on Friday
“EMOTIONS were high at the launch of the new V&A Museum in Dundee last night and I was so proud and excited to be part of it.

“There was a real sense of pride that felt physical from many of the people I spoke to whilst hosting the BBC Scotland opening celebrations. One of my favourite was from Brian Cox, who planned to return to his home in Los Angeles to confirm a previous conversation with someone about Dundee, that it was now indeed, sexy.

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“The building is, I think, a thing of wonder. A living sculpture that holds so many treasures within, you walk into that building, but it’s more than a building and it really grabs a hold of you. The exterior changes by the minute, thanks to nature and the elements. The cave entrance arch that looks out across the Tay is like some perfectly set up shot from an award winning film.

“I could talk about it for hours and I can’t wait get back to really search through every nook and cranny to unearth another piece of inspiring design.”

You can watch BBC2’s ‘Opening of V&A Dundee’ on iPlayer now

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From left: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, architecht Kengo Kuma, Stephen Gethins MP, Stuart McMillan MSP

Stuart McMillan, SNP MSP
“I’M probably the only person in the room who has stood on the roof of this building! On St Andrews Day last year I played 500 Miles on the bagpipes from the rooftop, and VisitScotland made a film of it. It was obviously a construction site then … it’s incredible to be here now. Dundee, the city of discovery is now the ‘Wow City!’ The V&A Dundee is absolutely stunning, inside and out. I really enjoyed the magnificent Mackintosh tearoom which hadn’t been seen by the public since the 1950s, and the other collections are world-class as well.

“The light and colours in the building provide a unique atmosphere which no-one could tire of. I studied at Abertay in the 1990s so got to know the carbuncle that was the waterfront. The V&A Dundee has made this space accessible and given new life to the riverside."

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Councillor John Alexander, SNP leader of Dundee City Council
“THE V&A is a feat of engineering, one that would have been near impossible only a decade ago, and you can see why as soon as you walk through those front doors.

“The building, inside and out, is breathtaking. There are no straight walls, it’s bright and open and through every window, you gain a glimpse of bonnie Dundee or the River Tay.

“I remember voting in the original design competition around a decade ago and never could I have imagined that I’d be standing in the city’s newest ‘living room’, as Kengo Kuma has described it, in 2018 with the eyes of the world on Dundee.

“I have goosebumps every time I speak about what this building represents and means to Dundonians. V&A packs a cultural punch in a city where culture-led regeneration is the prime focus of our efforts to increase investment and create jobs.

“But for me, its speaking to people who have a renewed sense of self, of pride, of confidence.

“I’ve always thought Dundee was a great place to grow up, to live and work in – now the rest of Scotland and the world has caught up.

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Beth Bate, director, Dundee Contemporary Arts
“FRIDAY evening’s civic reception was a moment to thank many of those who’d made this tremendous project possible. Leader of Dundee City Council John Alexander spoke about the impact V&A Dundee has already had on the lives of people from every community in the city and how this historic development will continue to change people’s confidence, ambitions and potential far into the future. A beautiful brass fanfare was commissioned by Lliam Paterson, a young composer from Aberdeenshire, and performed by the RSNO, gathered on V&A Dundee’s fossil flecked floor, as guests watched from the balcony. A rousing rendition of Deacon Blue’s Dignity by Dundee choirs, led by Alice Marra, received huge applause and cheers.

“Primal Scream’s gig was tremendous fun and I was bowled over by Jim Lambie’s visuals, as well as the bold graphics by Agency of None and the breathtaking projection mapping by Biome Collective, both design companies based in the city. Bringing together local, national and international talent; celebrating design and creativity; making headlines around the world; and putting on a fantastic free party for the people of the city – V&A Dundee is off to a flying start.”

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Gillian Easson, Executive Director, Creative Dundee
“I have fallen in love with this building. I’ve seen some of KK work in Tokyo and it’s an incredible space he’s created here. He tends to get right the space and tranquillity and that’s what right here, it’s a beautiful space.

“Of the Collections I’ve seen some greats of Scottish design from CRM through to really contemporary cutting edge design, things like Killbox which is based on drone technology and the world crisis’ that are happening today. So the Collections are pretty eclectic but in a good way and it takes us right up to the minute in terms of designers.

“There’s probably about 1000 people in this building right now and everyone is loving the space. Everyone and anyone should be able to come here, the accessibility has been really considered. Undoubtedly this building puts a spotlight on the creative sector in the city – the V&A has put an international spotlight on the creative energy that is here. It’s another great ddition to the greatcultural ecology which exists and which will grow.”