YOU cannot fault the chutzpah of Vince Cable in calling for the SNP to back a “people’s vote on Europe”.

Lest Mr Cable forget, in 1975 Scotland voted to remain in the EEC; in 2014 Scotland voted No to independence, with explicit guarantees from Better Together that such a vote would ensure Scotland’s continued membership of the EU; and finally in 2016 every Scottish local authority area voted in the majority to remain in the European Union.

Scotland’s people have voted three times now and expressed quite clearly our desired wish to remain in the EU.

Should there be such a people’s vote as Vince proposes and Scotland again voted Remain, only to be faced with an English Leave vote, would our views be any more considered than they are now?

I think we all know the answer to that one!

Therefore, I call upon Vince and all Liberal Democrats to unequivocally support a second independence referendum, as the only way to ensure Scotland’s wishes are adhered to.

Kevin Cordell
Broughty Ferry, Dundee