ONE is associated with a mysterious monster, the other is nicknamed the “green fairy”. Now drinks makers hope combining the two will make for major success as they launch Loch Ness Absinthe.

Lorien and Kevin Cameron-Ross, the doctor and former detective behind Loch Ness Gin and the company Loch Ness Spirits, developed the recipe for the new product after a trip to Val-de-Travers in Switzerland, the birthplace of absinthe.

Unlike most on the market, theirs is not green but colourless – a variety known as absinthe blanche.

The drink was developed in 1910 in response to a crackdown on the coloured version by authorities over the reputed hallucinogenic properties that led to its nickname. It uses “homegrown botanicals” such as wormwood.

Lorien said: “We felt there was gap in the market for an absinthe blanche in Scotland. It’s a drink I really enjoy, so I decided to put the wheels in motion last year and began to research its history and fully understand the craft of creating and distilling it.”

“I’ve worked really hard to get the recipe for Loch Ness Absinthe exactly the way I wanted and in the process perfected the art of distilling it to get the exact results I was looking for.

“With the help and support of Kevin, I’ve created a drink that I’m really pleased with.

“It has already received fantastic feedback, leading to us driving our plans forward to launch even more products in the near future that will continue to be inspired by the loch and the land around us.”