LIKE a lot of readers I spent the referendum, and subsequent elections, tirelessly knocking doors and speaking to people trying to convince them that independence wasn’t just about flag-waving, blood and soil nationalism and a love of William Wallace. So, you can imagine my disappointment and frustration when I saw that Hope over Fear are planning on showing Braveheart in George Square at their next rally.

What this does for the independence cause, other than signalling to people that the Unionist smears and stereotypes of independence supporters have been right all along, is beyond me. Marches and rallies absolutely have their place in the movement for connecting like-minded people and demonstrating that the appetite for independence has not gone away, but in this case it feels like more harm will be done than good, as this will just perpetuate the negative myths about our movement.

If people really want independence they need to get serious about it and stop playing into our opponents' hands. This is not how we win.

Jack O’Neil
Convener of YSI North East

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