The Great British Bake Off, Channel 4, 8pm

THE remaining bakers tackle bread week, including an ambitious showstopper that is the largest bread sculpture challenge ever set in the tent. Before the contestants reach that stage they must first impress judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith with a teatime fruity favourite signature bake, followed by a deceptively simple time-test of a technical with an international flavour. Only one can claim star baker, while one of the competitors will have to leave the tent for good.

Saving Lives at Sea, BBC2, 8pm

THE Porthcawl crew have just seconds to spare when two teenagers on holiday get caught on a rocky outcrop by a large swell and a rising spring tide, while over in East Yorkshire, the Flamborough crew have to pluck a man from danger after he jumps off a 100-foot cliff for a dare.

In Devon, the seas are often rowded with sailing craft of all shapes and sizes and when two collide, the Torbay lifeboat crew are called out to provide emergency medical assistance for a potentially life-changing injury.

Wanderlust, BBC1, 9pm

JOY and Alan put their daring plan into place, with surprising results, but how will other people react when they’re told the truth about their actions? Meanwhile, their son Tom shocks his best friend Michelle with a peculiar proposal and a disastrous date for eldest daughter Laura ends with a shocking revelation.

Celebs in Solitary: Meltdown, Channel 5, 9.15pm

LAST year, the one-off In Solitary saw four members of the public attempting to keep their heads in solitary confinement. Now we have the inevitable celebrity version, a three-parter stripped across the week. Musician Professor Green, presenter Anthea Turner, the World’s Strongest Man 2017 Eddie Hall, and comedian Shazia Mirza will all be taking part, while host George Lamb and psychiatrist Dr Sandra Scott discuss the participants’ coping mechanisms.