THE Scottish granny who has become known the world over for her part in an online video has spoken exclusively to the Sunday National about her joy at seeing the video becoming a viral sensation.

The infectious laugh of Janice Clark as she reads the children’s book The Wonky Donkey to her four-month-old grandson Archer has been shared and viewed over 3.4 million times in the past week.

Janice told the Sunday National she can’t believe how many people have watched the video and laughed along with her. “I am absolutely overwhelmed. I am honestly amazed. It was a wee video that my daughter made of us together and I didn’t even know she was doing it.

“I’ve been so touched by some of the comments that some people have left, it’s been just lovely, and I’m glad I’ve been able to make somebody happy, somebody smile, even if [in one of the comments] someone even wet their pants!”

Janice is originally from Ayrshire but emigrated to Australia in 1973, and lives with her family in Queensland.

Her daughter Fiona didn’t intend to make a film which would go viral but has loved the reaction her mum has had to the warm wishes that have been posted alongside the video.

“I’ve never posted anything like this before! I’m part of a sewing group on Facebook and one of my friends in the group said her son wanted to dress up as Wonky Donkey … so I posted the video for her to have a giggle with. And now, well we can’t believe the past week, it’s been crazy!’’

Fiona added: “Mum does have an infectious laugh. She’s an awesome mum and this has been a really lovely thing to happen.”

Wonky Donkey is a classic book for children growing up in Australia and New Zealand, and has sold more than 720,000 copies since it was released in 2009.

The viral video has sparked a buying spree from parents and grandparents desperate to read the book, and all major online retailers have now sold out with the UK publishers apparently now “scrambling” to put it back into print to meet demand.

Last week private sellers on Amazon UK were offering used copies for £805.

WONKY Donkey author Craig Smith, speaking to the Sunday National from New Zealand, said that the copies he sells directly to readers have been in huge demand: “The past week has been incredible, I’m on my way into the TV studio right now to talk about the video on New Zealand’s most watched news programme. It’s been a huge viral hit.

“The idea of spending £800 on a copy is ridiculous though - I’m selling signed copied from my website where we still have stock but my inbox is going nuts at the moment, as are all bookshops across New Zealand that still have any stock left. We are all sending copies to the UK because of this video. Also to Ireland, Singapore, the US and Hong Kong, the video has gone worldwide by the look of it.

“It’s a huge blessing that Fiona caught it on video … what a barrel of laughs. You laugh just as hard the second time you watch it as the first time. A really lovely moment with a Scottish Granny and her wee one.”

Smith, whose great grandfather was from Glasgow, said he would love to bring his book tour to Scotland in the future.

Wonky Donkey illustrator Katz Cowley, who now lives in Devon, told the Sunday National that she was overjoyed when she saw the video. “An absolutely gorgeous family ... the granny didn’t expect it to be filmed, or it to go online, what a gorgeous lady. I feel really delighted by her giggles and the love she’s spreading out, it has been so heartwarming.

“Wonky Donkey was my first ever book and I had no idea it was going to be the success it was. For some reason the launch wasn’t as big in the UK as it was in Australia and New Zealand but if there was a reprint now to meet the UK demand that would be wonderful.”

A spokesperson for Scholastic New Zealand. who publish the book in Australasia, said: “Who can possibly not laugh out loud at this gorgeous Scottish Granny reading Wonky!

“We believe that there is nothing in the world that beats the joy of snuggling up with your little ones to explore a picture book, and when a granny is wheezing with uncontrollable laughter as she reads with baby in arms, what better early, multi-sensory reading experience could there possibly be?

“From the get-go, The Wonky Donkey has been a runaway success. With more than half a million copies sold, it has become a classic and is a household name in New Zealand.”