FUNDRAISERS are more than half way to their target to create hundreds of “Indy Kits” for Yes groups across the country.

Not-for-profit group ayeMail aims to help campaigners by giving out packs of stickers, leaflets and flags for sale and distribution by local activists.

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It is hoped that the move will help them “to debunk some of the myths surrounding the indy debate”.

Now their crowdfunder is more than half way to its £12,500 goal.

By last night organisers had secured more than £7300 worth of pledges.

Founder Lindsay Bruce said: “I am concerned that big money has too strong an influence on setting the political agenda and forming public opinion.

“Recent political scandals have shown that some organisations are prepared to bend every rule, and even break some, to achieve their ends. Crowdfunding is one way we can counter this.

Brexit will be a game changer. Whatever deal comes out of Westminster, it will not be one that Scotland voted for.

“We need to have the freedom to deal with the consequences on Scotland from within Scotland.”

“These kits will provide valuable materials for the Yes groups all over the country.

“Our Yes community has many skills, but there are several calls upon their resources.

“This initiative will mean that group treasurers should have one less thing to worry about.”

A first round of 150 Indy Kits were distributed in 2016, with a main focus on the Brexit referendum.

However, the new materials will have a domestic focus.

Jason Baird of the National Yes Registry said: “The next referendum on Scottish independence will be driven by the grassroots movement. It’s about ordinary people from all over Scotland coming together and talking about the shape of their future and what kind of country they want Scotland to be.

“What ayeMail have done is find an incredibly efficient way to channel resources to each group that allows them to raise their own funds. They can then use those funds to find their own voice, to talk to the communities that they are part of, and to address the issues that they face locally. That’s incredibly powerful.”

To donate, visit

The appeal is open for the next five days, and supporters who give £25 or more get a 2019 Yes flag.