MORE than 7000 people joined the SNP following the party’s walkout at Westminster.

The MPs left the House of Commons in June in protest at the paltry time given to the debate on the Tory party’s power grab on Holyrood.

The SNP leader at Westminster Ian Blackford led the walkout after he tried to invoke a an archaic parliamentary procedure during PMQs when he requested that the House “now sits in private” to debate the issue.

After exchanges with Theresa May and Speaker of the House John Bercow, Blackford was asked to resume his seat. He refused and was subsequently thrown out. His fellow MPs followed.

But those actions, in the five days that followed, appear to have caused a surge in the party’s membership.

“Over 7000 people joined the SNP in the five days that followed the Westminster walkout,” said Blackford.

“They, and thousands more, agree that Scotland’s voice will not be silenced or sidelined.

“The SNP in Westminster will continue to use Parliament’s own absurd rules of the house to make our case loud and clear.

He continued: “We will always act in the interests of the Scottish people – but let me warn the Prime Minister – that means we will use all parliamentary means at are disposal if she refuses to listen.”