DUNDEE last Saturday: back on track, hopefully. Dundee rising to its full spirits; one can feel and live the excitement along the streets, on the marchers’ bright faces, on the way they proudly carry their blue and white Scottish flags as well as the “Estelada” (the Catalan pro-independence flag).

About 16000 marched for freedom and dignity, like the ancient Scots bravely fighting for their small but thriving nation. two countries, one same high goal, different paths leading to its long yearning destiny: freedom.

As a Yes campaigner based in Glasgow, I feel at a crossroads. What is next? How? When?

Being myself a native Catalan, you are able to realise the different cultural approaches and challenges ahead of the controversial pro-independence governments. Scotland’s universal right of self-determination was implemented by means of an agreed referendum, the results of which are still not crystal clear, whereas Catalonia’s unilateral referendum on October 1 produced crystal clear results even under the violent repression of the Spanish police forces.

After some terrible days of uncertainty, independence was proclaimed on October 27 2017. Yes to independence was once again corroborated on December 21.

Judging by Catalan standards, about 2 million people marching peacefully in the streets of Barcelona on the last six consecutive years on September 11 (Catalonia’s national day: in 1714 Catalonia lost a battle against the Spaniards because of the English’s betrayal... ) must be perceived as a real sign of the peoples’s power to make a change and push those on top jobs to work hard and against the odds to fully accomplish their mandate: the Catalan Republic.

If Scotland were able to take the “Catalan path”and held and unilateral referendum, the prospects of having the Scottish PM living in exile, being allowed to travel all over, except to the UK in order to explain the pernicious, undemocratic drive of Westminster, while some of her party leaders are imprisoned without a trial, seems highly unlikely.

In fact, Scotland has never undergone the effects of a dictatorship, nor has it experienced the constant cultural, linguistic and democratic repression from the English rule in modern times.

Two different historical nations; two twin souls born from a different body, sailing on separate waves towards thunder and storm until they are able to foresee the real beacon of freedom. One boat is unstoppable and ready to be reborn.

Marta Vallbona

Glasgow- Barcelona

THE whole “deal or no-deal” drama is more than likely to turn out to be a manipulation of public opinion so that if and when the mother of all parliaments exercises its right to vote, perhaps sometime around 10pm on March 29 2019, the fudged proposal before it will be as clear as mud and as is usual be decided on party tribalism.

After two years of negotiating with the powers that be they still cannot say why the matter cannot be tied up on schedule by the end of October although we are told that WTO rules would be OK, so what is the hold up? One reason might be that when the price of EU food and drink products and certain luxury cars, the UK has become so fond of, show double digit increases after leaving, the Tories are going to be held responsible. Another is the seemingly intractability of the Irish border question where Mrs May is likely to have little room for manoeuvre since she needs the support of the DUP’s 10 MPs to keep her job.

Peter Gorrie


COWARDLY acid attacks are becoming epidemic leaving people with life changing injuries which need specialist treatment. It is too easy to buy corrosive liquids.

In Glasgow in the 1950s gang members carried an open razor and the injury inflicted was called a “Glasgow smile”. In 1952 leading judge Lord Carmont began handing out long sentences for knife and razor crime saying the public was entitled to protection from the anti-social activities of the lawless. Anyone found in possession of an open cut-throat razor was sent to prison for 10 years.

There was no reduction in those days for “good behaviour”. Overnight razor-slashing ceased. Today convicted criminals just laugh at the “soft-touch” jail sentences which are often suspended. Time for the judiciary to give acid-throwers the Lord Carmont treatment.

Clark Cross


THE EU cannot allow the UK to leave with advantages, as this would encourage others. Then the financial benefit from leaving is now revealed as non-existent, and we may even incur further costs because of customs problems. Rather than persist with Brexit, parliament merely has vote to end the process. No referendum needed.

Now is the time to let common sense prevail, and walk away from a wrong decision.

Malcolm Parkin

Kinnesswood, Kinross