YOU might have heard the news by now – and yes, it’s true. In just a couple of weeks’ time, you’re going to be reading the all-new Sunday National.

This is the next step for us, and it has the potential – if it’s a success – to transform our operation and secure our future.

Of course, it’s a difficult time for people who have an attachment with the Sunday Herald. It was my favourite newspaper growing up and – apart from a few bylines in Morton match reports – one of my biggest regrets is that I never had the chance to properly work for the newspaper.

The Sunday Herald at its best was bold, innovative, informative and cool. It was a brilliant newspaper – and it will be missed.

But it’s our job now to keep that flame alive – and to make sure that the views of half of Scotland are represented on a Sunday morning.

Richard Walker, the editor responsible for the Sunday Herald backing Yes in 2014, will be running the new paper as part of our overall operation. There really is nobody better for the job.

We don’t want to go into much more detail until closer to the launch – but we’ve got lots of brilliant ideas, and some fantastic writers already on board.

That’s all we’re saying for now. This is a hugely positive move for The National – now it’s up to all of us to make sure that the new edition is a huge success and to secure the future of your favourite newspaper.

And don’t worry, we’ll cover those indy marches right …