WE at Common Weal welcome the debate that is opening up in the independence movement around the SNP Sustainable Growth Commission. This is a vital discussion not just for winning independence, but for building a Scotland that can truly transform people’s lives.

What makes a good economy? For us this answer to this is simple: a good economy makes a happier, more prosperous and more sustainable society.

Today many feel we are moving in the wrong direction. As inequality soars, so does the threat of catastrophic climate change. We have a mental health epidemic, often stemming from alienation, isolation and poverty. All of this is intrinsic to the economic system.

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Like never before, the orthodoxies of the past are being challenged. Scotland can lead the way, by adopting a people centred, transformational economic policy. We live in an era of historic change. It is down to us to ensure that change is for the better.

To do this we need one thing above all else: control over our collective future. That means we need to control our monetary policy. The Growth Commission would keep us tied to the financial institutions and dogmas that have failed us for too long. Our conclusion is that it would take at least 15 years to make the transition from Sterlingisation.

That is why Common Weal is campaigning for an independent Scottish currency. So that we can forge a different future, under our control. We can debate how we build our economy. On this there are different views. But we can’t have that debate in full unless Scotland has the economic power to act independently, and not at the whim of the City.

We will detail exactly how we can do this. And will show why having full control over Scotland’s economy is vital to making the kind of country we all aspire too create. An independent Scotland needs and independence currency. A strong case for this will clear up confusion, and provide the independence movement with a solid position to rally around in a future referendum.

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Of course, this is a vital issue for the independence movement, but it is also critical for the people of Scotland that we set out the case for embracing an independent currency. Our campaign will take this message out with a clear and credible plan of action.

Our campaign will be accessible and utilise a range of materials to get the discussion moving. We will break down the key issues in videos explaining how we can get to an independent currency, putting the people of Scotland in charge without delay. Our briefing papers set out the full process for how we can establish an independent currency. These papers provide complete details of our policy, to be discussed and debated throughout the movement.

Infographics will populate social media, highlighting how we can make the transition we need. Here, we welcome discussion and look forward to engaging with different perspectives.

A timeline illustrating our journey to the new Scottish currency will be released, showing how we can establish control over our monetary policy – from day one.

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And of course, we want to talk to people directly. As well as setting up our own events, we would be delighted for you to get in touch to set up meetings on our currency plan. We can aid with speakers and resources.

Former SNP MP George Kerevan explains why this is such a vital campaign: “As an economist I believe that exerting sovereignty over Scotland’s economy demands we establish our own currency as soon as possible after independence. Some advise caution. But delay only telegraphs to the international financial community that we lack confidence in our demand to properly control our own affairs. I urge all supporters of Scottish independence to back the Common Weal campaign for a Scottish currency.”

The future can be ours, but we need to control our economy to realise the hopes and aspirations of the Scottish people. It is time to take control over our future.