The National:

THE Labour Party, headed by Jeremy Corbyn, is Her Majesty's Official Opposition in the embarrasment that is Westminster.

Corbyn is leading the party with the most power to stop a harmful Tory Brexit, and as Scotland voted remain, we have quite a stake in that.

We've seen what a mess the Labour Party have become over Brexit, and despite the huge responsibility he has, Corbyn can't bring himself to give a straight answer to the simplest of Brexit questions.

Scratch that – Corbyn can't give that straight answer eveb when he is given SIX chances to do so.

Interviewed by Channel 4 News, he was asked: "You want to be Prime Minister, making the big calls. Do you honestly believe that Britain is better off outside of the EU?"

Given the fairly terrifying forecasts of the impact of Brexit, we'd imagine this would be quite an easy one for a politician to address.

It seems not, as the clip below shows in excruciating detail...

For his first shot at answering, Corbyn says: "I want us to have a good relationship with the European Union. That's what we have to have in order to maintain jobs in manufacturing supply chains and food processing.

"That has to be the priority now, so we have that effective trading relationship including the customs union with the European Union."

Not exactly a direct response, is it?

So the reporter follows-up: "I was told I could only ask you one question, so I'd very much like you to answer it."

And despite having a total of six opportunities to offer up his view, Corbyn succeeds not once.

We've seen the SNP stand up for Scotland on Brexit in Westminster ... but how can we count on the second biggest party – Labour – with answers like this?