A TV psychic has clashed with a "card-carrying member" of the SNP on Celebrity Big Brother.

It all began when Hardeep Singh Kohli, from Bishopbriggs, started to talk about the pros and cons of different electoral systems.

Sally Morgan, who has previously been exposed wearing an earpiece during one of her psychic shows, took issue with Kohli when he turned his attention to the SNP.

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She asked him if he wanted another independence referendum and at one point repeatedly said "Let 'em have it [independence] back" and watch them mess it up.

The back and forth sparked fury among some independence supporters on Twitter.

Kohli began the exchange by explaining: “I am no fan of Ukip but, in 2015, Ukip got just under five million votes and got no seats in Parliament.

"The SNP got two million votes and got 56 seats. I am an SNP card-carrying member, will be a member of the Scottish Parliament and a minister in Government – hopefully, one day.”

Kohli was then asked by Morgan if he wanted a second independence referendum.

“I just want my country to be restored,” he said.

Sally hit back: “You can have it back then. That’s what I say. Let ‘em have it. Let ‘em have Scotland.”

Kohli then asked why.

“Well, because, I think that they will then mess it up," replied Morgan. 

"Let ‘em have it back.”

Kohli responded: “Oh, do you? So, you’re not saying it from a ‘we-wish-our-neighbours-well’ point-of-view? It’s f*** you? You think we’ll mess it up?”

Morgan, looking agitated at this point, said: “They keep going on and on about it.

"When I go up there and I go in shops – which I do a lot, I shop a lot – and I get the youngsters saying to me, because they hear I’ve got an English accent, when I’m up there giving them work and they say to me, ‘Oh, we want our country back’.

"I turn round and say to them, ‘I want you to have your country back, mate’. Have it back – and see how well you do.

"See how well you do. ‘Cause we give ‘em so much per person.”

Kohli then sarcastically said: “Oh, do you? You think so?”

“Don’t we? Explain to me that we don’t then?,” said Sally.

Kohli then explained before the scene ended: “In the last 21 of 22 years, Scots have given more to the exchequer in London. Scotland keeps England afloat financially.”