ROYAL Bank of Scotland (RBS) has announced chief financial officer Ewen Stevenson’s leaving date will be at the end of September.

The state-owned bank first informed investors of Stevenson’s exit in May.

A month later it was reported that he would be joining HSBC as finance chief.

The bank has appointed Katie Murray, its deputy chief financial officer, as finance head as it searches for a successor.

RBS said Stevenson will remain on the board until September 30 and will be on gardening leave until his employment ends on November 30, when his long-term share awards will also terminate.

Stevenson will be paid until then but will not receive a remuneration payment on his departure.

The news comes after the US Department of Justice published documents detailing RBS bankers’ attitudes before the financial crisis.

They revealed bankers admitted they were selling “total f****** garbage” to investors and showed employees made light of destroying the housing market.