SCOTLAND In Union has been branded as "creepy" after attempting to rope in Conservative councillors to film an upcoming pro-independence march in Dundee.

The anti-independence campaign group claim they are looking to record the march in a bid to "measure numbers".

However local Tory councillor Philip Scott rejected their request and suggested that others should do likewise. He went on to say that the Dundee Conservatives would not be involved in the march in any capacity.

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Organisers of tomorrow's march say they are expecting numbers upwards of 10,000 to attend.

All Under One Banner spokesman Neil Mackay told the Courier: “I think there will be in excess of 10,000 people in attendance on Saturday.

“We are fully prepared for that number of people and we have a very good stewarding team with several years of experience who are responsible and reliable.

“There will be coaches of people attending from across Scotland.”

The National:

The march will start at Baxter Park and finish at Magdalen Green.

Dundee SNP MPs Stewart Hosie and Chris Law will also be taking part.

Responding to the request to film the march, Hosie told the Courier: “I have seen a tiny number of demonstrators at other AUOB marches this year and they are a sad little bunch.

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“They are, of course, perfectly entitled to film and demonstrate against the march, but there is something rather creepy about filming the march and the way they are going about it.”

Alongside Scotland In Union, the pro-union A Force for Good, led by Alistair McConnachie, will also be in attendance. 

McConnachie, who was kicked out of Ukip for holocaust denial, claim that they will be filming pro-independence marchers in a bid to "reveal the truth".