A FURTHER legal challenge has been lodged against Serco asylum seeker lock-outs, it has been confirmed.

The Home Office contractor has paused its programme of evictions in light of court proceedings.

It concerns those whose sanctuary bids were refused and who have neither the right to work nor claim benefits.

The moves to make the destitute people homeless in Glasgow prompted outcry from the public and local politicians.

However, Serco says it is acting in accordance with the law and its contract, which only provides payment for those who have not been rejected by officials.

Govan Law Centre (GLC) has already begun proceedings on behalf of an Iranian facing eviction.

Yesterday the legal charity lodged another action for an Iraqi woman.

The body claims that she was told to leave after her husband's asylum application was unsuccessful. However, the body says she has "further legal options".

The cases were lodged at the Court of Session in Edinburgh, while the evictions of two others are also being contested at Glasgow Sheriff Court by Shelter Scotland's Housing Law Service.

Serco says it currently pays accommodation for 330 asylum seekers who no longer receive Home Office support.

About a third have been granted leave to remain while the remainder have been refused refugee status.

Eviction plans affect the latter group, which the firm says have no right to remain in the UK.

GLC's Mike Dailly claims the eviction programme "is unlawful and incompatible with the 1998 Human Rights Act".

The cases will be considered by the court in due course.