THE UK Government's "shambolic Brexit" poses a threat to the future of the NHS in Scotland, the SNP has said.

MP Dr Philippa Whitford said a "power grab" over public procurement could lead to more privatisation in the NHS.

The SNP's Westminster health spokesperson claimed that Holyrood would lose control over how key public services are delivered under such a system.

In May, the Scottish Parliament's Health and Sport Committee warned that the autonomy of the Scottish health service must be protected after Brexit.

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Dr Whitford said: "The news we've seen this week of £2 billion worth of NHS England contracts being handed over to a single private firm sets a dangerous precedent and last month's report by MPs which described the outsourcing of primary care services in England to Capita as a 'complete mess and a shambles' shows exactly what the Tories would do to our NHS in Scotland given half a chance with the procurement powers they have grabbed from Scotland.

"This is why the Westminster power grab over procurement after Brexit is so worrying - with the Tories in charge of procurement laws and policy, the Scottish Parliament and its voters would lose control over how our key public services are delivered with the future real threat of being opened up to profiteering firms from across the Atlantic.

"Theresa May has already failed to rule this out on multiple occasions - and as the Tories get ever more desperate to secure a trade deal with Donald Trump at any cost, we can be sure that our NHS will be in their sights.

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"The Tories are making a mess of the health service south of the border - opening it up to private companies in shambolic fashion, leaving ordinary people needing proper and effective care to pay the price.

"We cannot allow this to happen in Scotland - but with the Tories intent on their power grab and a disastrous Brexit, the threat is major and real."