Hidden Britain by Drone (C4, 8pm)
SIR Tony Robinson presents a second series of the programme that uses drones to shoot aerial footage of areas of Britain that are usually off limits to the public. In the first episode of the latest series, he dispatches flying cameras to explore an abandoned theme park, London’s extensive tube system, an immense stately home and underground wine vaults belonging to billionaires. The programme also examines the secrets that Argos conceals from the eyes of its customers and contains footage of a flower farm in full bloom, which is closed to the public for 50 weeks of the year.

Unforgotten (STV, 9pm)
WHAT has been incredibly obvious to viewers ever since episode one finally dawns on detectives Cassie and Sunny – the four men suspected of killing Hayley have conspired to cover up what

they were doing on the night of the millennium. The truth of the matter becomes clear after the

sleuthing duo meet James Hollis’s former wife Mel, who is only too keen to tell them her version of events. They also think that the first Mrs Tim Finch may be able to shed new light on matters and dispatch Jake to speak to her. Meanwhile, as disturbing information about Chris Lowe’s life is uncovered, Pete Carr’s DNA is discovered in the church where a break-in took place on the night in question. Cassie, however, is distracted by her father’s memory problems.