The National:

Jeremy Hunt is off to a flying start as the UK's new Foreign Secretary.

Following in the footsteps of Boris Johnson (perhaps a bit too closely it seems), he's taken the chance to blunder through his Beijing debut in a highly memorable fashion.

China and Japan have been rivals dating back centuries. While relationships between the two countries have improved, Japan's occupation of China up until the 1940's is still a somewhat touchy subject.

You can imagine, then, how quickly the temperature dropped when Hunt, in a bid to ingratiate himself with his Chinese hosts, loudly announced "my wife is Japanese".

To make matters more confusing though...she isn't.

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Lucia Guo, a former health minister and Hunt's wife, is in fact from China.

Hunt quickly acknowledged the error before stating "That’s a terrible mistake to make."

The Foreign Secretary was visiting Beijing to discuss trade links between Britain and China.

From Boris Johnson to Jeremy Hunt, The Jouker suspects that the UK's long-running tradition of foreign gaffes and international embarrassment isn't coming to an end any time soon.