The National:

SOME were predicting that Boris Johnson's resignation speech would be a blockbuster demolition of Theresa May ... but it was Ross Thomson who ended up the real loser.

Johnson used his personal statement to bemoan the fact that we might get a slightly softer Brexit than Theresa May had previously outlined (when, in reality, a no deal looks ever more likely).

He praised May's resilience, and mainly just wished she would deliver his vision of Brexit.

It certainly didn't inspire Scottish Tory deputy leader Jackson Carlaw.

Responding to suggestions that Boris was "building up to something", he said: "But it didn't. The enthusiasm drained visibly from the surrounding faces as it rambled on. He stumbled through generalities and sat down a busted flush."

It looks like another clash between the Westminster and Holyrood Tories, because the enthusiasm certainly didn't drain from Ross Thomson's face.

In rather stark contrast to Carlaw, Thomson tweeted: "Historic and excellent personal statement from Boris Johnson. There is still time to save #Brexit if the PM can hold to the pledges she made at Lancaster House. Absolutely spot on, #GlobalBritain"

If you're feeling a little sick after reading that, our apologies – and it gets worse.

Taking up a position just over Boris's shoulder, in view of the cameras, the Tory MP did his best impression of a bobblehead throughout the statement.

Just watch his face in these clips...

Sycophant might be a little too mild a description for Ross.