The National:

UPON hearing news of the rapidly growing threat of climate change, you'd expect most MPs to react with horror – not so with Ross Thomson of the Scottish Tories.

The Herald reported on experts saying new types of sharks could be heading to UK waters due to warming seas.

As many as 10 new species of sharks could be swimming in UK seas within 30 years.

With it being World Emoji Day, here's how Thomson responded:

So his response is a nice big thumbs up – don't worry about climate change, we'll have sharks!

Scottish Greens co-convener Patrick Harvie was among those pointing out how ridiculous the response was.

There's a popular parody account of Thomson on Twitter, and more than a few assumed this was their doing. Alarmingly, it wasn't

And social media users were furious too.

Is it any wonder the Tories continue to pose such a threat to our environment with an attitude like this?