The National:

You almost feel sorry for the Scottish Tory MPs sometimes...

Despite doing their best to make the case that the Union is one big, equal family they always seem to be left carping from the sidelines – even though their own party is in power at Westminster.

With every new ministerial position bestowed by Theresa May, the Oliver-esque Scottish Tory MPs are left with an empty bowl and asking for more.

Now Tory MP Ross Thomson has taken to Twitter to congratulate the resignation of a relatively unknown Tory MP from Cornwall; what else can you do when you have nothing to resign from yourself?

Thomson has been on the warpath since the Chequers Brexit plan was announced, despite his colleagues backing off a little. The Aberdeen South MP has been taking to Twitter to make his feelings very clear.

Actually, maybe warpath isn't the right word.

A better description would probably be that Thomson has spent the past few days whining into a vacuum.

Thomson also wrote an entire column for a Sunday newspaper about how he would personally represent Scotland's Leave voters. The Jouker supposes he must have forgotten about the majority in Scotland (including in his constituency) who voted to Remain in the EU. Who is representing them?

This isn't the first time that Thomson has found himself left behind by his own party when it comes to Brexit either.

When a group of Scottish Conservative backbenchers signed a letter from Jacob Rees-Mogg calling for a hard Brexit, his name was mysteriously absent.

He later fully backed the letter, claiming that his name had been missed out due to an "admin error".

Maybe it's time to take the hint?