THOUSANDS took the streets of Edinburgh in the biggest protest the capital has seen since the Make Poverty History demonstration back in 2005.

The campaigners were trying to focus the minds of the leaders of the G8 countries meeting in Perthshire.

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Today it was all about rejecting Donald Trump and his brand of politics.

Police initially said they thought about 7000 people were gathered outside the Scottish Parliament ahead of the march through the city.

Organisers said the actual figure was in the tens of thousands.

The march went past the US Consulate General's office, which was under a heavy police guard, before winding its way through the city to the Meadows for a Carnival of Resistance.

Guest star at the carnival was the giant inflatable Trump baby that had flown in Parliament Square yesterday, upsetting the notoriously thin skinned President.

Organisers had hoped to fly it above his Turnberry course where Trump is staying this weekend, but that was knocked back by police.

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard said: "Today I joined tens of thousands of people in Edinburgh marching in solidarity against the hate and division being peddled by Donald Trump.

"This weekend Scotland has sent a strong message of support and comradery to those who Trump would isolate."

Trump – whose mother was Scottish – and members of his family are spending the weekend at the hotel he bought in 2014 before departing tomorrow for the meeting with the Russian leader in Finland the following day.