PROTESTORS gathered in Edinburgh in their thousands, carrying placards that told Donald Trump exactly what they thought of him.

It is estimated that more than 50,000 people attended the march.

Many of the banners simply read “Trump not Welcome”, “#DumpTrump” or “Together Against Trump".

But others showed Scots' unique sense of humour at its finest. 

1. With the White House thinking Scotland is not part of the UK, it's hard not to agree with this sign.​

2. This protester compares Donald Trump to Boris Johnson, fitting since the US president said he has "a lot of respect for Boris" and thinks he would "be a great prime minister".​ We disagree.


4. Some protesters dressed up as the handmaids from Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel The Handmaid's Tale which serves as an accurate allegory of the Trump era.



7. This is a reference to Dirty Dancing as well as the six foot high Trump baby blimp that flew over the Meadows in Edinburgh today.

8. A lot of the signs that pointed out the fact Trump's mother emigrated from the Isle of Lewis to America, making her an immigrant.




11. A timely sign considering Brexit could allow the US to push the UK to accept GM foods and to do away with certain prohibitions on chemical flavourings.





16. Two American icons unite in these signs – Mary Poppins and the Statue of Liberty, proving that it wasn't only Scottish humour resisting Trump at the demo.

17. But some of the signs had a more serious political message to send to America.





It's safe to say that Scots have really made their feelings towards Trump known this weekend.