FEEDBACK from SNP members about a new economic blueprint for independence may be presented to the party’s conference in Spring next year.

Newly elected SNP depute Keith Brown outlined the plan in an email to party members which set out details of gatherings to discuss Andrew Wilson’s growth commission report, which was published in May.

However, news that the SNP grassroots’ response to the document could go to the party’s conference next year, does raise the question of whether Nicola Sturgeon is likely to move forward with calling a new referendum this autumn.

Brown said: “Discussions at these events are intended to kick-start our policy development process. The conclusions will form the basis of policy resolutions to be presented to National Council in December or our Spring Conference in 2019.

“Let’s open a fresh conversation of hope, ambition and how an independent Scotland can be a fairer, more prosperous country. Together we will build a winning case for independence – let’s get to it!”

Wilson, a former MSP and economist, who chaired the commission, will address three national assembly meetings arranged for the end of next month and for September while Brown is to chair the assemblies.

Brown told SNP members the report will form “the platform on which we will renew the case for independence”.

Suggesting the party was preparing to restart campaigning on independence, his email ran under the headline “It’s time to begin” and said under discussion would be Wilson’s report: “The 354-page report runs through 50 recommendations giving us all hope for an alternative to the Tory chaos over Brexit. It has sparked positive discussions about how Scotland can grow its economy, end austerity and build a fairer society as an independent country.”

The national assembly meetings will be held on 25 August in Ayr, 1 September in Aviemore and 9 September in Edinburgh.