IN Dornoch and Dumbarton, in Ayr and Aberdeen, in Glasgow and Grangemouth and in many other conurbations in Scotland you will find a Wallace Street, usually named after the great Scottish hero so memorably depicted in the film Braveheart.

Now the residents of every Wallace Street in Scotland are being invited to apply for free tickets to the newest summer show at the Edinburgh Dungeon tourist attraction in the heart of the capital.

The Dungeon is currently hosting Braveheart’s Revenge in which visitors come face to face with the ghost of Sir William Wallace, imprisoned in Dumbarton Castle in 1305 after he was betrayed to the English and then hanged drawn and quartered on the orders of King Edward Longshanks.

Needless to say, in line with the dungeon’s many displays and exhibits, Braveheart’s Revenge is not for the squeamish

or faint-hearted. Edinburgh Dungeon has already been running a campaign for a National Wallace Day.

To mark the exhibition they are inviting every resident of every Wallace Street in Scotland to come along for a free family pass to the show.

A recent survey carried out by The Edinburgh Dungeon showed that 72% of Scots would support a day to celebrate Scotland’s Braveheart, a poll which led to the selection of this year’s summer show.

Edward Evans, general manager at the Edinburgh Dungeon said: “Our campaign for a National Wallace Day is well underway and it’s only fitting that the residents of Wallace Streets up and down the country are getting behind our #VoteWallace movement to celebrate the launch of our show.

“If you’re a Wallace Street ‘Braveheart’ then come along to The Edinburgh Dungeon to show us just how brave you really are!”