POLICE have refused protesters permission to fly the Trump baby blimp when the US president visits this weekend

Almost 10,000 people have now signed a petition to Police Scotland Deputy Chief Constable Iain Livingstone urging him to ensure clear skies for the blow-up dummy.

But after deliberating on the issue, police have decided against granting permission.

"Clearly there is a significant protection operation in place for the president and this includes restrictions to the airspace in the Turnberry area," said ACC Mark Williams of Police Scotland. 

"We need to ensure there is a balance between protection and public safety and the public's right to peacefully protest. 

"With that in mind, and on this occasion, we are unable to grant permission for the balloon to fly in that area however, we are in discussion with the applicants about possible alternatives‎." 

Permission has already been given to fly the nappy-wearing zeppelin in central London today, where mayor Sadiq Khan has stated that it is not his role to censor “peaceful” protest.

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It will be visible over the Houses of Parliament for two hours from 9.30am.

While no such permission is required in Scotland, restrictions have been put in place around Trump Turnberry, near Girvan in South Ayrshire, for the duration of the former reality TV judge’s visit this weekend.

According to the TrumpBabysitters group, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has handed control over the airspace to police for that period.

The group had said earlier that it is “ready to meet whatever conditions the Scottish police service require” and has also directed the petition to the CAA and Nicola Sturgeon, who is not expected to meet the American leader.

Meanwhile, organisers say the move is in response to public demand, stating: “As soon as the Trump Baby story broke, we started to receive messages from people in Scotland asking us to bring him up there.”

The six-metre-high creation is the work of designers including environmental campaigner Leo Murray, with its £16,000 cost paid for by crowdfunding.

Referencing previous demonstrations against the hotel magnate, Murray said: “People in Scotland are past masters when it comes to protesting against Trump. So naturally they have insisted we bring Trump Baby up from London to fly over his golf course, in solidarity with their struggle against Trump’s hateful politics. We have been delighted to accept their invitation.

"There's an aerial exclusion zone around the golf course, so we need to get permission from the police to get the giant Trump Baby up in the air.

"But if it's all been okayed in Parliament Square, there's no reason it wouldn't be OK next to a golf course, especially when there are so many people in Scotland who see this as a very fitting protest against everything that Trump stands for.

“This is just the first exciting stage on Trump Baby’s World Tour, shadowing the president on his so-called diplomatic missions.

"We hope Trump Baby will go on putting smiles on the faces of the movement that is resisting Trump wherever he goes over the next 12 months.”