Trump & Britain: Love or Loathing? Tonight, ITV, 7.30pm

DONALD Trump is about to make his first official visit to the UK as President, and it’s been predicted he’ll be greeted by thousands of protestors – there’s even been reports that a specially designed orange inflatable will be flown over London to mark the occasion. But will his reception really be as hostile as some sections of the media are predicting?

Tonight looks at what we can expect from the US leader’s visit, and hears from a varied group of public figures, including Lord Sugar, Nigel Farage, Germaine Greer and Alex Salmond, to find out what they think about the trip.

Martin Geissler will also ask what the visit says about the state of the so-called “special relationship” and what it will mean for Britain’s future dealings with the controversial President.

Eat Well for Less? BBC1, 8pm

NEW series. Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin help the Atkinson family from Blackpool lower their food bill. Michelle and John live with Gary (22), Liam (19) and Kyle (7), and despite working 50 hours a week, feeding the family has fallen to mum Michelle.

However, the two oldest lads earn their own money and prefer to buy takeaways – despite having a fridge full of food. Can the presenters get the family to cut down on the fast food and help work together more at mealtimes?

News Crack, Channel 4, 11.05pm

EVEN in a week that’s largely dominated by sport, there’s still room in the schedules for new editions of Mock the Week and The Last Leg, so do we really need another topical comedy show?

Writers and producers Mother’s Best Child (aka Guy Davidson and Dan Clarke) would argue that we do, as they bring us News Crack, which doesn’t just boast an arresting title – it’s also got satirical sketches and mashed-up footage to tempt us.

It will also be providing a showcase for some new comic voices, including Emma Sidi, Jon Pointing, Beth Rylance, Sophie Duker and Mark Silcox.