The National:

THE Tories are continuing to display the united front that they have been displaying since they struck a deal at Chequers ... by continuing to resign.

The latest to go are Maria Caulfield and Ben Bradley, who were vice-chairs of the Tory party.

The duo have resigned because they do not agree with the Chequers deal that all the Tories – united with one another – agreed to at Chequers and that has done a great job since of allowing the Tories to display their unity.

If the name Ben Bradley rings a bell, it's probably because he was forced to apologise for horrendous comments he made, comments that we covered in The National earlier in the year.

In January, Bradley's online history caught up with him when post he made around the start of the decade started to resurface.

In one post he suggested the poor should be "sterilised" to prevent them from having children, that unemployed people are "wasters", and that public sector workers should stop complaining about damaging Tory cuts to services and pay.

He apologised but then more of his previous comments emerged, this time regarding his compassionate views on policing.

During the London riots in 2011, Bradley wrote a blog saying that police brutality "should be encouraged" for once.

He again apologised, saying that his outlook on life had changed since marriage and fatherhood.

Theresa May was under pressure to sack him – but May's Tories seem immune to sacking – though he stayed on and a month later accused Jeremy Corbyn of being in cahoots with the Russians.

The National:

"Corbyn sold British secrets to a communist spies ... get some perspective mate!! You priorities are a bit awry! #AreYouSerious," he tweeted.