The National:

LISTENING to the pundits on BBC and ITV, it seems there's some expectation that fans of Scotland's national team should be cheering on our neighbours south of the Border.

The latest figures from YouGov will deeply disappoint them.

The polling company asked: "How much do you care about whether England progress or not in the football World Cup?"

Respondents could answer "a great deal", "somewhat", "not much", "not at all" or "don't know".

Across the whole of the UK, 25% said they didn't care at all about England progressing or not progressing.

For Scotland, the figure was more than double that, sitting at 53%.

The National:

The results were also displayed by politics. SNP voters cared least about the England team, sitting at 71%. Only 4% cared a great deal.

And as you might expect, Ukip voters dominated the higher end of those who care about England progressing.

The National:

While there's been some sympathy for Gareth Southgate, it looks like England will have to bring football home without the support of most Scots.

Still, we're sure a few north of the Border will be tuning in to see them play Sweden tomorrow...