THE Tories went on the attack this morning, furious that SNP MSP Maree Todd posted a recipe for tablet on social media.

Todd had hand-made the treat for care experienced young folk at a summer camp, but the ever-compassionate Tories launched into criticism.

A Scottish Conservative spokesman said: “Considering her position as the minister for childcare and early years, many parents would rather their children didn’t use a recipe that requires two pounds of sugar."

Click here for our full story on thatcatch up on the latest twist here - and below is the excellent recipe that so annoyed the Tories.



  • 2lbs sugar
  • 4oz butter
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 can condensed milk (I hunt to find non-nestle, currently using one from Lidl)
  • vanilla extract (I use a small tsp)


Melt sugar, half butter and milk in a large pan and bring to the boil. Add condensed milk and rest of butter and bring to boil again. Boil for 10-20 mins, stirring frequently. (Don't worry if it catches a bit – it is usually retrievable, just adds to the colour, but don't wander off and hang out the washing or anything!)

It is ready when the colour changes to a golden caramel and the nature of the boil changes too – it goes from frothy/foamy to plopping like lava (all very scientific!).

You can test at this point if you want – drop a bit of mix into a cup of cold water and it should form a soft ball of toffee (I don't bother with this anymore but I did when I was learning).

Take it off the heat and add the vanilla then beat for 4-5 mins using electric beaters on a medium setting – you will see it start to look grainy and a more set pattern appears.

I think beating is the key to my tablet, which gives a great texture and seems to make it turn out right whether it is lightly over or underdone – it's a great trick, avoiding the need for sugar thermometers

Pour into a buttered tin and leave it to cool a bit. Cut while still warm.

Enjoy 😀