THE secretive Scottish Unionist Association Trust (SUAT) has revealed its current trustees amid ongoing questions over its donations to the Scottish Conservatives.

In the statement, SUAT confirmed that they are "in dialogue" with the Electoral Commission, and revealed its updated list of trustees.

The trust donated £319,000 to the Scottish Conservatives between April 9 2001 and February 28 2018.

The statement, issued on behalf of trustees, reads: "The Trust was formed in 1968 from assets of the (then) Scottish Unionist Association, primarily sales of property assets.

"It invests those assets and makes the proceeds available to further the aims of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party. All UK taxation liabilities have been and continue to be met in full.

"The address for the Trust is 570 Mosspark Boulevard, Glasgow G52 1SD. Previous addresses may have been used for correspondence in the past, and have been changed as trustees have changed over time.

"We are in dialogue with the Electoral Commission and it would be inappropriate to say more whilst that dialogue continues."

SUAT listed its current trustees, "all resident in Scotland", as with all previous trustees, as:

  • Robert Millar-Bakewell (Chairman)
  • Kim Donald
  • Patricia McPhee
  • Sheila Fulton
  • John Duncan
  • Peter Duncan
  • Frank Spencer Nairn

Scottish Tories to have accepted donations from the trust include deputy leader Jackson Carlaw and Douglas Ross.