THE 12 boys and football coach found in a partially flooded cave in Thailand after 10 days are mostly in a stable condition, officials have said.

Chiang Rai provincial governor Narongsak Osatanakorn said the health of the boys and coach were checked using an assessment in which red is critical condition, yellow is serious and green is stable.

“We found that most of the boys are in green condition,” he said. “Maybe some of the boys have injuries or light injuries and would be categorised as yellow condition. But no one is in red condition.”

Narongsak said yesterday that the boys were given high-protein liquid food, painkillers and antibiotics. He said doctors had advised giving the medicine as a preventative measure.

When the group will be able to leave the cave is not known due to flooding and other factors that could make their extraction dangerous.

Experts have said it could be safer to supply them where they are for now.

Narongsak said officials had met and agreed on the need to “ensure 100 per cent safety for the boys when we bring them out.”

“We worked so hard to find them and we will not lose them,” he said.

Flooding trapped the boys after they entered the cave on June 23.