IT is “unacceptable” for Police Scotland to be footing the bill for Donald Trump’s visit, the new Justice Secretary has said.

Humza Yousaf has written to UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid demanding clarity on who will foot the bill for the policing costs of a presidential visit.

Interim Police Scotland chief constable Iain Livingstone has warned that the force could incur costs of around £5 million as a result.

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Yousaf said on Twitter: “I have written to Home Secretary Sajid Javid to tell him that it is unfair and unacceptable that Police Scotland is being asked to foot the bill for President Trump’s potential visit to Scotland.

“He is coming as a guest of the UK Government – they must not leave Police Scotland with a £5m bill.

“The vast majority of forces in England and Wales would be able to claim assistance from the UK Government in these circumstances, but Police Scotland are being told they are not able to.

“Previously when a sitting US President came to Scotland the UK Government contributed to policing costs. Why not now?

“I hope other political parties across the spectrum will join Scottish Government calls for Police Scotland to be treated fairly and not have to foot the bill for President Trump’s visit.

“This is £5m that should be retained in front-line policing. Let’s hope the UK Government see sense.”

The UK Government has sent mixed messages on whether it will offer support.

A Home Office spokesman initially said: “Policing in Scotland is a devolved matter, so anything about costs or funding for the police is a matter for the Scottish Government, not the UK Government.”

However, a spokeswoman for the Prime Minister then seemed to suggest that help could be made available. She said: “More generally, for major events we obviously work very closely with the police and we will consider requests for support, including financial support on a case by case basis.”

In the letter to Javid, Yousaf cited previous examples of similar situations in which financial support has been provided.

He wrote: “At the time of the G8 summit in 2005, the UK Government made a contribution of £20m to the policing costs incurred in Scotland, so there is a clear precedent for payment to be made.

“I was therefore surprised and disappointed to note the Home Office’s comment on this matter that ‘Policing in Scotland is a devolved matter, so anything about costs or funding for the police is a matter for the Scottish Government, not the UK Government’. This is completely unacceptable.

“I would welcome confirmation from you that the UK Government will reimburse the costs associated with the policing of this event.”

The president is due to visit the UK on July 13. He will then travel to Helsinki for a meeting with Vladimir Putin on July 16. It is likely he will spend the days between in Scotland, where he owns golf courses in both Aberdeenshire and Ayr.