HALF of Scots want a second independence referendum during this Scottish Parliament or the next.

The results were part of a Panelbase poll published by Wings Over Scotland.

Respondents were asked: "When, if at all, should there be a second independence referendum?"

Just over a third (34%) said it should be held during the current Scottish Parliament, before Brexit is fully implemented, and 17% wanted it between 2021 and 2026.

A total of 16% felt indyref2 should be held later than 2026, and 34% never want another referendum.

The exact figures mean that 50.64% of Scots want a vote within this parliament and the next, and 49.3% later than 2026 or never.

The poll found that while among the Tories only 8% wanted a second referendum before 2026, the equivalent figure for Labour voters was 47%. For LibDems voters it was 24%, and for SNP voters 89%.

Wings Over Scotland wrote: "The most revealing thing about the results is that what one might call the 'once in a generation' option – the third one – wasn’t even nearly the preferred choice of ANY group. 

"The fiction that Unionist parties will stop objecting once 20 or so years have passed is weasel-worded can-kicking.

"There are no moderates in this debate. The true split is between 'soon' and 'never'."

The timing of the next independence referendum has come into focus this year, and was a crucial part of the debate on the new SNP depute leader.

Keith Brown, who won that race, was this week moved from Economy Secretary to become "standing campaign director for the SNP".

That role will involve building the case for an independent Scotland, and preparing for a future referendum.