POLITICIANS at Holyrood wore rainbow ties to First Minister's Questions in support of Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) campaign.

TIE calls for LGBT issues to be taught in classrooms across Scotland, and is marking its third anniversary.

Cabinet ministers, including First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Deputy First Minister John Swinney, wore TIE badges.

Speaking during FMQs, Sturgeon said: "I am very proud to wear the TIE badge today, and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the TIE campaign on their third anniversary."

The National:

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wore a TIE badge

"The Scottish Government is working with TIE to promote an inclusive approach to sex and relationships education. This work is being done through the LGBTI Inclusive Education Working Group, and recommendations from the working group are expected in Autumn of this year."

"At that point I'm sure everyone across the chamber will have an interest – I know the government with me as First Minister will have an interest – in making sure that these recommendations are implemented as quickly as possible."

The TIE campaign published research last year showing that 90 per cent of LGBT people experience homophobia at school – and 27 per cent had attempted suicide due to being bullied.

Speaking from the Scottish Parliament today, LGBT rights activist Emily Frood said: “Watching the Scottish Parliament and Government's solidarity with the LGBT community, and their support for LGBT-inclusive education, warms my heart and brings a tear to my eye."

"This will have an impact on future LGBT young people in schools and I'm so proud to see, in my lifetime, that LGBT youth will go through school feeling safe and cared for, and that our politicians are behind it.”

The National: Scottish Greens MSPs were among those wearing rainbow ties

A TIE spokesperson said: “This was a historic moment in Scotland's continued push for LGBT equality, and a very strong message has been sent from our Parliament to young people across the country.

"There will be many LGBT young people leaving school this afternoon who will read about this and feel hope.

"We look forward to continuing our work towards delivering LGBT-inclusive education in all of Scotland's schools.”