The National:

Yer racist uncle has just blundered into the party with half a bottle of whisky and more bad opinions to share.

Lord Sugar dropped in on Twitter earlier to, in effect, declare "all black men look the same to me" with this horrendous tweet comparing the Senegal football team to the "guys from the beach in Marbella".

The National:

For the avoidance of doubt, the Jouker is happy make this super clear for anyone with any doubts: Joking that all people of colour look the same... is racist.



Or maybe not that obviously, since Sugar deleted the tweet but STILL defended it, claiming "I can't see that I think it's funny".

While Sugar claims to have upset "a few people", the thousand replies to his original tweet would suggest that may be underplaying it.

When one Twitter user accused the tweet of being "terrible", he simply replied: "Why?"

Humza Yousaf wasn't feeling very happy about it either.

It would be nice to point at Sugar and tell him "you're fired", but it's actually incredibly difficult to give a Lord the sack.

Democracy, eh?