AN Australian app that lets users rent parking spaces is becoming popular in Scotland.

Kerb has been described as “Airbnb for parking” where homeowners or businesses can rent out their spare spaces to make extra cash – and drivers can use the app to park more easily.

The app has already solved a lot of parking problems for thousands of Australians and New Zealanders.

A Kerb parking space will save the average commuter anywhere between £10 and £40 a day, depending on where they park.

The app isn’t just for parking cars – Kerb is also for renting and leasing spaces for motorbikes, boats, trucks – even helicopters.

It also offers a car park management solution – Kerb Bays – which lets churches and schools use their car park to fundraise, allows universities and shopping malls to better manage their parking, and businesses put their car parking spaces to work and generate extra cash.

Residential committees also use Kerb to monitor visitor parking spaces and manage the allocation of parking spaces in apartment buildings.

Kerb says the app “reduces congestion and environmental impact by getting cars off roads, makes use of existing infrastructure – and means more money for locals to spend in the economy”.

Kerb leaser, Dee Marshman said: “I have found Kerb to be an awesome way to make use of my car space when I’m not parking my car there. The app is user-friendly and makes the whole process super-easy.

“The staff at KERB have great communication, too.

“There’s no downside to using Kerb and I recommend it to all of my friends.”

Kerb launched in October 2016 and is live across Australia, New Zealand and will be rolling out in 16 languages later this year.

“We’re really excited about the benefits that Kerb is going to have for UK users”, said co-founder Rob Brown.

“The app allows you to list an entire car park up in minutes, and each individual bay can be customised by availability, price and vehicle type.”

Kerb says the app is an “easier, greener way to cash in on the sharing economy” and is free to download.