THE man behind the infamous "Vow" on the front page of the Daily Record days before Scotland's first referendum on independence has come out in support of leaving the UK.

Murray Foote, the former editor of the Daily Record, has written for the a daily newspaper outlining why he now backs an independent Scotland.

He lists Brexit, as well as the contempt shown toward the Scottish Parliament during the EU Withdrawal Bill process, as some of the reasons for changing his position.

Foote refers to the the little time allocated to discuss devolution during the Brexit Bill debate as a "democratic abomination".

Foote wrote: "The difficult decisions our independent nation would face  and sacrifices we may need to make do trouble me. But what troubles me more is the propsect of bequething to my daughters an isolated Britain governed indefinitely by the progeny of Rees-Mogg and their ilk.

"I have reconciled that independence would herald good and bad. I trust in us to to solve the problems that will come our way. If so many other countries can it is inconceiveable that Scotland can't."

Foote also cited the recent Growth Commission report as playing a factor in his decision.

Nicola Sturgeon welcome Foote to the independence movement, and tweeted that the move was "hugely significant".

The Vow, a promise that more powers would be delivered to Scotland in the event of a No vote, is regarded by some as what ultimately cost the Yes movement victory in the first referendum.