THE UK Government’s handling of the landmark Brexit Bill will “give further impetus to the cause of Scottish independence”, according to Scotland’s leading historian.

Professor Sir Tom Devine described events in the Commons, where no Scottish MP was allowed to speak on how the legislation will affect devolution, showed the idea of the Union being based on “partnership and mutual respect” was “fraud and myth”.

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The senior academic’s intervention came as anger erupted over the side-lining of parliamentary discussion on the potential impact of the legislation on Holyrood’s powers.

“This latest episode of Westminster misbehaviour is the clearest evidence to date of the utter contempt in which the democratically elected Parliament of Scotland is held by both UK Tory and Labour parties,” he said.

“The notion of a Union based on partnership and mutual respect is unambiguously revealed as fraud and myth.

No Scottish MP was able to address the concern in the chamber ahead of Tuesday’s vote in the House of Commons with the Scottish Parliament’s fate taking up just 15 minutes of parliamentary time.

Clause 15 of the EU Withdrawal Bill allows the UK Government to legislate for up to seven years in 24 devolved policy areas, such as animal welfare, food standards, agricultural payments and GM crops once these powers have been transferred from Brussels .

It has been condemned as a “power grab” by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and the bill and its controversial clause was rejected by Holyrood last month.

“I am sure many Unionists in Scotland must be appalled at this latest political blunder by the UK Government because it can only give further impetus to the cause for Scottish independence,” added Devine, who is the author of numerous books on Scottish history and is emeritus professor of history at University of Edinburgh. “The Scottish people need to keep this debacle at the forefront of their minds when the next elections are called.”

Tory Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington – Theresa May’s defacto deputy – was the only politician to speak in the Clause 15 debate.

The issue sparked dramatic scenes at Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday with the SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford ejected from the chamber by the Speaker and SNP MPs following him.

“Professor Sir Tom Devine is one of the most highly respected voices in Scotland, his words carry great weight, and the Tories should heed them,” said Blackford “The Tories campaigned against the Scottish Parliament in 1997 and now they are actively dismantling it. History will remember this defining moment when the Tory government destabilises.”

Green MSP Ross Greer added: “Professor Devine is right. The vast majority of Scots support devolution and will be appalled at the actions of Theresa May and Ruth Davidson’s demolition squad. When we hear Tory MPs tell Scots to consider suicide if we don’t like Westminster’s actions, it’s clear the kind of morally bankrupt establishment we are shackled to.

I’ve no doubt support for Scotland charting its own course as a fairer, greener independent country will continue to grow in the face of this sustained assault from the Tories and spineless indifference from Labour.”

Scottish Secretary David Mundell tweeted: “Disappointed, if not surprised, that if the [SNP] really felt so strongly about it, they chose a stunt over holding the Government to account.”