The National:

IF for some bizarre reason you thought the outrage of the power grab vote last night was being overdone a bit, fear not – the scale of the scandal has now been made clear.

Because even the BBC's "reality check" has dismissed the claims from the Tories that this is not an attempt to rip powers from Holyrood.

They quoted a tweet from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon: "Commons proceedings today shaping up to be a travesty of democracy. Stitch ups that put Tory party before interests of country, 20 year old devolution convention ripped up with little debate/no vote."

The Commons spent 15 minutes debating the EU Withdrawal Bill's impact on devolution, with no Scottish MPs speaking. Only the SNP and 6 other MPs voted against the power grab.

And what was the BBC's take on the claim that the devolution convention had been ripped up?

"Reality Check verdict: The convention has been undermined but there is no legal reason why the UK government cannot ignore the Scottish Parliament over Brexit."

It serves as more confirmation – from the BBC of all places – that what we've witnessed is Westminster trampling all over the devolution convention, without even a pretence of paying heed to Scotland.

And the fact that there's "no legal reason" the UK can't just overrule Holyrood ... well, that pretty much says it all.

In the article, the fact checkers go on to explain the history of the convention.

Never before has Westminster passed a Bill which Holyrood has refused consent for. There's a constitutional crisis on the cards.

And remember, there's a Surpeme Court case looming too...