The National:

CLEARLY outraged by the way Scotland's voice has been sidelined by Westminster over the past few days, a Labour councillor decided to post a poll on Twitter.

He thought he'd give Scots a chance to be heard at last. Well, on the SNP walking out of the Commons in protest at Prime Minister's Questions, to be exact.

Edinburgh councillor Scott Arthur asked people what they thought SNP MPs were doing, offering two options in response:

  • Standing up for Scotland
  • Attention Seeking

With the exception of Kezia Dugdale, his party haven't been too warm about the SNP's protest – and Labour didn't bother voting against the power grab.

Meanwhile, Scott was tweeting: "It's great to see @ianmurrayMP getting on with the day job after the #snpwalkout"

So, it's fairly obvious what he hoped for from the poll ... but it didn't go as planned. You can vote to find out the results, or continue reading to find out.

The result so far is 83% in favour of the SNP's decision, and 17% against. Ouch. 

Judging by the SNP's surge in membership today, it looks like "standing up for Scotland" pays off ... imagine?!

And @mikeogilvie67 had a perfect reply to the poll.

The SNP take action and draw attention to the democratic outrage ... Labour sit on the sidelines.